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Are you preparing to scale up your electric vehicles? If so, then charging infrastructure upgrades are next. Charging locations will need smart charging solutions with minimal footprint, stationary battery energy storage to offset peek demands on the grid, and an energy management system to optimize operations at the lowest cost. Whether for private, public or commercial needs, Hitachi Energy has solutions to help you conquer the energy transition and get your infrastructure up to speed.


to the grid with the help of unparalleled grid expertise​


your e-fleets with our space efficient hardware solutions​


operations & maintenance with digital solutions
Market: Transportation

Your needs are EV-olving.

Electric fleets come in all different shapes and sizes. The heavier the load, the more power is needed. Our solutions are designed to optimize your existing infrastructure and help you scale up quickly while maintaining operations. ​

Hitachi Energy offers a compact, sustainable, scalable, reliable end-to-end solution from the grid to the plug which ensures ongoing operational excellence. We help you build an integrated & open ecosystem which includes advanced energy management that will offer visibility and actionable insight from the field to boardroom at the lowest operational costs.​

>> The heavier the load, the more power you need. >>

Aerial view of parking lot for car sharing business. Electric cars charging at charging station and powered by solar panel. 3D rendering image.

Charging station & hubs​

For low power on-the-go needs​

Public transport​

For depots and Electric Bus Rapid Transit (EBRT)​
Electric truck and van charging at charging station powered by solar panel system. 3D rendering image.

Commercial & Logistic​

For megawatt power at depots and en route​

Offroad & special vehicles​

For high power static & dynamic charging​


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Looking to design, build, operate or maintain assets? Hitachi Energy is a full lifecycle trusted partner - from planning, to design, operation & maintenance. Your transformation journey towards smarter mobility starts here with our ​land transportation electrification.


Hitachi Energy is on a mission to decarbonize EV fleets around the globe. Learn about how you can transform your business to meet your business’ sustainability goals.

Turning challenges into opportunities for transportation fleet electrification IDC Spotlight

Turning challenges into opportunities for transportation fleet electrification

Webinar 17-03-2022 - 17-03-2022 Online

Powering the future of public transport

Powering the future of public transport. Charging strategies for bus fleets
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30-05-2023 | 4 min read

Accelerating the electrification of public transportation at UITP

The time to connect, charge and optimize your e-fleets is now. Get ready to move with us.

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For over 100 years, Hitachi Energy has partnered with transportation customers around the world on transformation projects that help them meet their sustainability goals.

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Today’s demands on fleet operators are rising. Whether in commercial & logistic, public transport, offroad & special vehicles or charging hubs, all fleets will evolve.​

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