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Power technologies and energy systems

We are serving our customers through global competence and local presence

Our business provides pathways to accelerate the energy transition and deliver customer success. We are a global leader in power technologies and energy systems. Customers across the utilities, transportation, IT such as data centers, industry and Smart Life sectors trust our world-class teams of experts to deliver pioneering and digital solutions across the power value chain. Our solutions help meet the growing demand for electricity – affordably, reliably, sustainably and in a modern way.

Customers rely upon our solutions to across the value chain. We help plan, build, operate, optimize and maintain their power infrastructure, whilst increasing overall flexibility and resilience. Our pioneering technologies and services enable safe and efficient integration, transmission and distribution of bulk and distributed energy generated from conventional and renewable sources.

Four global Business Units and an extensive local office network

To deliver maximum value, we have organized our operations around four global Business Units and have local offices and research centers spanning 90 countries. This highly networked design enables our 40,000 experts to stay close to customers, fostering a strong awareness and knowledge of local market operating conditions. We connect the latest pioneering developments and solutions through the competence and reference points of our global Business Units.

Discover more about Hitachi Energy's four global Business Units:

Hitachi Energy's Four global Business Units

Grid Automation

Our Grid Automation business unit has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. These range from substation automation, communication networks, grid automation services, grid edge solutions to enterprise software solutions. These solutions address all key segments connected to the energy system including generation, transmission distribution, industries, transportation and infrastructure sectors.

Hitachi Energy's Grid Automation business unit supports 50% of the top 250 global electric utilities. Our Grid Automation hardware, software and services portfolio unites deep domain knowledge and innovative technologies that enable customers across the globe to optimize the critical systems that power, move and connect us. Together, we’re building a more productive and sustainable world.

Grid Integration

Hitachi Energy's Grid Integration business unit has delivered more than 4,000 projects over the last 15 years. Our Grid Integration portfolio spans a wide range of transmission and substation applications, which facilitate reliable and efficient system integration of the future digital electric network with minimum environmental impact.

We incorporate the integrated systems, solutions and services of our business' DC and AC fields, including HVDC, Substations, FACTS, Grid and Power Quality solutions such as offshore wind connections, and Semiconductors. We offer Power Consulting for key segments in the energy system, such as renewables, transmission distribution and as well as e-transportation solutions.

High Voltage Products

Hitachi Energy is a leader in high-voltage technology, offering a wide range of high-voltage products up to 1,200-kilovolt (kV) for AC and 1,100-kilovolt for DC. We help to enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of power networks while minimizing environmental impact with following primary offerings for switchgears, circuit-breakers, generator circuit breakers, power quality products, surge arresters, disconnectors, instrument transformers and high-voltage service.

Key innovations in our High Voltage Products portfolio include active technology power quality & battery energy storage, eco-efficient switchgear, digital generator circuit-breaker, hybrid and integrated switchgear. Our technology leadership continues to facilitate innovations in areas such as ultra-high-voltage power transmission, enabling flexible smart grids and enhancing eco-efficiency.


Through our innovative and diverse Transformers team and pioneering technology, we transform energy to add social, environmental and economic value – enabling a sustainable energy future for today's generations and those to come. Hitachi Energy offers a complete range of power transformers, traction transformers, insulation and components, digital sensors and transformer services.

Our transformers have a global sales network of about 100 countries spanning applications for power generation, transmission and distribution, metals and mining, oil and gas, commercial and infrastructure projects, and mobility. With increasing complexity in the grid, our transformers are also increasingly used for improving power quality and network management. We introduced our TXpert™ Ecosystem launching the next level for digitalization of transformers.

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