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IET600 - Integrated engineering tool

Simplifying substation automation system engineering

A comprehensive engineering tool to design and configure the complete IEC 61850-based substation automation systems

Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 provides a simple, flexible and consistent approach to substation automation system engineering. It enables engineers to design and configure the system-wide IEC 61850 communication dataflow between IEDs by featuring powerful graphical interfaces to design the substation topology and the physical communication infrastructure. The complete system is documented in an IEC 61850 standard-compliant and reusable SCD file, allowing an efficient and consistent multi-vendor system integration.

IET600’s combination of powerful engineering editors and built-in IEC 61850 intelligence allows engineers to easily and effectively integrate protection and control IEDs into a multi-vendor SA system. IET600 performs consistency checks, which reduces the amount of errors not only during the initial system engineering, but also subsequently during the integration, testing and commissioning phase.

Combined with the configuration of alarm and event signals for Hitachi Energy’s MicroSCADA platform, IET600 ensures data consistency throughout the lifecycle of the substation automation system. The intuitive user interface allows engineers to effectively navigate through large amounts of data, to find exactly what they need.

With over thousands deployed systems worldwide, IET600 integrates Hitachi Energy’s long-term IEC 61850 expertise. Our UCA International certified in-house System Verification Center continuously ensures that IET600 meets the integration and system performance requirements of Hitachi Energy and third-party protection and control devices.

IET600 - Integrated engineering tool
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