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Shore-to-ship power

The environmental footprint of port areas is under scrutiny

Increasingly, port authorities and ship owners are required to reduce air and noise pollutions from ships in ports – a requirement that is best fulfilled by using shore-side power instead of onboard generation while berthed. Shore-to-ship power solutions create a better environment for passengers, crew, dockworkers and local residents by reducing greenhouse gas and noise emissions, as well as vibrations.

As a full-scope supplier, Hitachi Energy provides fully engineered and integrated systems and a broad range of services. Onshore, the solution comprises the entire chain from the main incoming substation receiving power from the local grid, via systems matching voltage and frequency to the levels required by the vessels, to the power outlet at the berth. Onboard, the shore-to-ship power equipment is fully integrated with the ship’s electrical and automation system, enabling seamless power transfer from onboard generation to shore power. 

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy delivered the first shore-to-ship power solution to the Swedish port of Gothenburg in 2000
  • Solutions for all types and sizes of container terminals and city ports including:
    • Single and multiple frequency applications (50 and 60 Hz)
    • Single and multiple berth arrangements
  • Broad range of lifecycle services including system studies to assess the impact of the shore-to-ship power system and to recommend optimized solutions to upgrade and strengthen the local grid and port network
  • Enhanced grid stability and reduced energy cost through low-maintenance frequency converters, offering reactive power compensation and voltage control
  • Proven, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Single-source responsibility with complete in-house system integration capabilities
  • Assurance of high quality, health, safety and environmental standards plus full compliance with IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005 family standards
  • Optimized solutions for high performance, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and low life-cycle cost
Shore-to-ship power solutions

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