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Hitachi Energy offers a wide range of flexible insulating laminates for dry-type transformers, both vacuum-cast resin and open wound.

Due to increasing demands for enhanced transformer performance, insulation materials are subject to ever-greater electrical and thermal loads. Our multi-layer flexible laminates - made from pressboard, polyester and polyamide films, polyester non-woven material, or aramid papers - have high mechanical resistance and special surface properties.

Our various methods of combining the materials and optional coatings mean we can tailor the insulation properties to suit every customer.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 150 years of experience in insulation
  • comprehensive range of insulation products  for dry-type transformers
  • Material excellence
  • Global footprint

Product scope:

  • Dry-type transformers
  • Epoxy prepregs (B-stage coated) based on Dacron-Mylar-Dacron (DMD) / Nomex-Mylar-Nomex (NMN) laminates and Nomex 410
  • DMD saturated for insulation class F (155 °C)
  • NMN for insulation class H (180 °C)

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