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Booster transformers

Booster transformers are used in electric railway AC catenary feeders to collect the return current from the rails and the earth to the return conductor.

In railways, the electric current is taken from the catenary conductor to the locomotive, where the energy is used by electric motors and fed to the earth-connected rails, which are part of the return circuit. From the rails, however, the return current may deviate around to unintended or harmful places like metallic pipelines, bridges, communication cables, etc. The stray currents bring about interference in communication systems and other electronic devices due to passing trains. Booster transformers are used to eliminate the stray currents and the disturbances, obliging the return current to flow to the return conductor.


Product scope:

  • Primary voltage: 15 or 25 kV
  • Current: usually 200 - 800 A
  • Frequencies: 16.67, 25, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Power ratings: 100-800 kVA
  • Hermetically sealed tank

Why Hitachi Energy

  • Compactly designed, low-weight transformers
  • High-quality manufacturing and design optimization supports required short circuit withstand capability
  • Global manufacturing footprint provides expertise on specific local technical requirements and standards
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