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Traction transformer repairs

The on-board traction transformer as a crucial part of the traction chain adapts the electrical voltage coming from the overhead power lines to the lower voltage levels needed within the traction chain. It also feeds auxiliary converters for other electrical systems like lighting, heating and or onboard information systems. If the traction transformer fails, planned train traffic schedule may be disturbed and leads to passenger inconvenience, even costly penalties may be incurred.

Scope of work

A traction transformer is highly reliable, designed to perform under harsh conditions. However, to prevent unpredicted failure and ensure a long lifetime, some services are advised during the whole life cycle. Operating conditions of a traction transformer differ highly from power transformers. Therefore interpretation of condition checks have to be done by traction experts, otherwise misleading results may occurs.

Regular oil analysis give a good image of the actual health. Additionally, basic and advanced diagnostic tests can provide further information.

If an on-board traction transformer gets damaged by an accident or due to other reasons, we are able to fully repair the traction transformer by replacing damaged parts of the core, winding reclamping, partial or full winding replacement and repair of the tank. At the end of such work, all electrical routine tests are done.

During the long life time of a vehicle may some operational conditions change. An upgrade or replacement of some parts of the traction transformer can help to ensure further operation.

A midlife overhaul is recommended to ensure the reliability in the second half of the lifetime. Here all traction transformers are systematically checked and maintained by replacing parts with lower lifetime expectancy.

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