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DC Mitigator

Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution to mitigate noise and losses on power transformers caused by DC-current

In transformer operations, ground potential differences of typically less than a few 10 Volts cause parasitic DC currents. These currents can cause an increase in transformer noise and no-load losses.

By mitigating parasitic currents passing through the transformer's neutral, these effects can be minimized.

Hitachi Energy introduces the DC Mitigator - an innovative and effective solution that can efficiently suppress such DC currents and improve the grid’s quality.

DC Mitigator by Hitachi Energy is a unique solution with only passive components built in. It is unlike any other similar solution available.

The modular design of DC Mitigator makes it flexible and adaptable to match the on-site condition of the power transformer. Weatherproof solutions for DC Mitigator are offered as a standard option for this application.

Hitachi Energy can also offer on-site evaluation and measurements to provide the best-fit solution.

DC mitigator 3D render image

Why choose DC Mitigator by Hitachi Energy for your power transformer

Available for new and retrofit transformers

Minimal space required

Cost-effective solution

No insulating or cooling fluids

Safe connection to ground

DC Mitigator

  • Unique solution with only passive components built-in
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability and low operation cost due to the use of passive components
  • Integration of monitoring possible
  • Modular Design for easy adaptation
  • Operational savings with reduced cost of losses
  • Avoidance of sound barriers in some cases

Functional Solution

  • DC Mitigator is installed between the transformer neutral and grounding.
  • Blocks DC for driving voltages of 10, 20, 30, or 40 volts.
  • Unbalanced AC within the limits of grid codes passes through.
  • Fault currents pass with negligible neutral voltage rise.
  • High DC/GIC up to 100 A may pass through indefinitely.
  • DC/GIC up to 200 A may pass through for several minutes.
  • Fails safely to a solidly grounded state if limits are exceeded.
DC mitigator

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