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Variable shunt reactors

Alternative for controlling network voltage stability

To improve the adjustment of the consumed reactive power, the reactor can also have a variable rating. If the load variation is slow, which it normally is (seasonal, daily, or hourly), a variable shunt reactor (VSR) could be an economical solution for some customer applications. VSR allows customers to continuously adjust the compensation, as loads vary over time.

They make switching in and out of fixed-rating reactors unnecessary, which eliminates harmful voltage steps. The variable reactor can always be adapted to the need, both in today’s operation and in the future grid. In addition, VSR can interact with other systems, such as static var compensators (SVCs) and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) links, in order to optimize the system operation and maximize dynamic capacity during failures.

VSRs are, therefore, economical means to improve voltage stability and power quality under time-varying load conditions. They have become well established, and several are in operation worldwide.


Product scope

  • Variable shunt reactors include the 550 kV range*
  • Up to 300 Mvar three-phase units*
  • ANSI and IEC standards
  • Applications: Utilities, renewables, and industrial

*only as a reference, limitations on voltage and reactive power may vary according to the capabilities of the test facilities


Why Hitachi Energy is the preferred partner?

  • Robust design and production excellence ensure exceptional and proven field reliability
  • Leader in the technology
  • Lowest Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) figure in the industry
  • Hitachi Energy utilizes a focus factory concept, which leads to a great experience with specific products giving a very high level of consistency in design, manufacture, and test
  • All Hitachi Energy factories utilize the common design platform giving us best-in-class experience, consistency, and repeatability
  • Hitachi Energy utilizes best-in-class manufacturing and quality processes to ensure that our reactors will meet the most stringent requirements
Variable shunt reactors

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