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Mobile Transformers, Mobile Substation Transformers, and Mobile Shunt Reactors

Rapid response, temporary power, and improved power quality solutions from the industry leader

The definition of contingency transformers and reactors may vary across customers, manufacturers, and even from one part of the world to another.

These units are designed to bring rapid responses, improve power quality, or provide temporary power where and when it’s needed all across the globe.

They are used during the following:

• Planned maintenance
• Temporary substation capacity increase
• Forced outage repairs
• Weather and other natural outages
• Sabotage and attacks
• Spare or backup solutions

Besides mobility, these units offer service providers time to make repairs and get service back on without interruption. For example, the mobile substation is useful when maintenance work is needed on substations. This keeps the consumer's power from being shut off during repairs. Their compact size also makes the units easier to use in small areas. Their flexibility allows them to be switched from one task to another relatively easily.

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Features & Benefits
Mobile Transformer 
(2 design options)
Mobile Substation Transformer
Mobile Shunt Reactor
Modular solution
Multi-voltage solution -up to 2 voltages per system
Multi-voltage solution (Polytransformer) - more than 2 voltages per system 🚫 🚫 🚫
Designed to withstand higher-than-normal transport accelerations
Shell-type robustness to withstand higher-than-normal transport accelerations 🚫 🚫 🚫
Compact design solutions using premium materials
Avoids the need for special transportation permits
Designed to fit existing footprints
Minimal onsite commissioning time
On-site or off-site storage and installation services from the same provider
Ready for service “plug and play” solution
Pre-engineered packages are fully assembled and tested before delivery for quick commissioning 🚫 🚫 🚫
Flexible and customized solution to meet specific customer requirements

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Mobile Transformers are fast-recovery, multi-voltage units that are available with Hitachi Energy’s “shell-type” technology that uses a patented unique configuration of the transformer’s active components. It enables an ultra-compact and durable solution ideal for emergencies and quick transport.

These power transformers are often mounted on a leak-proof base and can be installed and operated in a semi-trailer, box truck, or sea freight container. Mobile Transformers are factory-built and tested and delivered completely assembled and oil-filled. They can be installed on-site in a matter of hours and can be detached from their moving base for extended or specific operations.

Mobile Transformers can cover a broad range of emergency response scenarios. When installed on a trailer, the transformer can be shipped to different locations within 230kV and 345kV.

Mobile Transformer

Mobile Transformer 2 design options:
Same physics and functionality but different construction.

Shell-type Construction Design for Mobile Transformers
Core Type Construction Design for Mobile Transformers
Shell-type Construction Design Core-type Construction Design
Rectangular windings connected in series Concentrically cylindrical windings
Core with rectangular cross-section around the
winding package
Core with circular cross-section inner to windings
Group of multiple windings connected in series,
assembled, and processed together
Active parts are assembled and processed together
Form fit tank, divided into two parts Active part installed in the tank
Core stacked around, over the bottom tank Exits and connections on the top and bottom part
Exits and connections on top only  

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