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TXpert Bushing Monitoring

Real-time monitoring enabled by CoreTec™ 4, the TXpert™ Hub monitoring and diagnostics device

TXpert™ Bushing monitoring solution provides real-time bushing monitoring for power transformers according to the two main technologies: voltage reference and sum of current. It combines the CoreTec™ 4, TXpert™ Hub with our TXpert™ Ready bushing sensors to provide a turnkey solution for digital bushing monitoring and enable smarter decisions based on data-driven intelligence.

It can monitor 1, 3, or 6 bushing configurations and give you an early warning of incipient faults developing in a bushing. It is available for installation in both new transformers as well as retrofit applications for most brands or types.

  • Continuous monitoring of bushing health parameters
  • Connectivity to CoreTec™ 4, the TXpert™ Hub
  • All bushing types (oil-filled or dry) with a tap connector
  • Bushing health readings:
    • Dissipation factor (Tanδ)
    • Capacitance
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