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Modernizing and strengthening the grid​

Through our independent consulting we provide wide study to evaluate an electrical system's transmission needs and ensure reliably deliver power to customers.

For a stronger and more modern power system​

The power system is facing the combined challenges of maximising flexibility and meeting sustainability targets, with increases in load due to electrification and pressures on costs. Around the world, electric operators are striving to maintain required and expected level of reliability, stability and safety. ​

Through our independent consulting we provide a comprehensive study to evaluate an electrical system's transmission needs and ensure its continued ability to efficiently and reliably deliver power to customers, including assessment of proposed transmission projects to meet expected reliability and economic needs​

We work globally, in close partnerships with transmission owners and ISOs on short-, mid- and long-term transmission planning studies, incorporating scenario-based planning approaches to address uncertainties in resource buildout, imports, demand etc.  ​

In addition to conventional HVAC and HVDC transmission solutions, other technologies such as FACTS, energy storage and other non-wired alternatives can be studied.​

Our consultants develop plans by factoring in federal, state and regional initiatives such as clean energy initiatives and in consideration of transmission security, reliability, adequacy and economic aspects.