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Point solutions for targeted tasks

Make maintenance easier. Keep workers safer. Collaborate effectively with suppliers. Improve plant reliability. Asset-intensive industries have tasks that require specialized solutions – don’t worry; Hitachi Energy has you covered.

VIM is our new global solution for processing supplier invoices at Hitachi Energy. VIM replaces multiple accounts payable workflow systems used across the company, providing a consistent, “off-the-shelf” solution to all Hitachi Energy colleagues.

Invoices will be received thru e-mail and e-invoice channels and OpenText Optical Character Recognition (OCR) VIM will capture the line-level invoice details and OpenText VIM Workflow will reconcile the PO invoice with the purchase order/goods receipt (if applicable). NPO (No PO) invoices will be identified on the invoice (e-mail address coder/reviewer) and AP will sent the invoice to the Coder/Reviewer for coding and based on cost object coding the system forwards automatically to the approver.

VIM supports the Hitachi Energy digital transformation and is integrated with key systems in the organization (SAP Reiwa).

Our solutions for your organization


LinkOne is an enterprise graphical parts catalog and content delivery solution for publishing, viewing and finding spare parts for complex equipment and assemblies.


Axis è una piattaforma di collaborazione cloud aziendale per lo scambio di dati della catena di approvvigionamento, delle risorse e della gestione del lavoro per via elettronica tra i clienti e i loro partner commerciali.

Equipment Reliability (ER) Suite

ER Suite vi aiuta a sfruttare i dati in tempo reale per una migliore intelligenza operativa e supporta i processi di ingegneria dell'affidabilità delle apparecchiature AP-913.

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