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Fast, reliable and secure transmission of protection signals

A secure and uninterrupted supply of electricity is only possible with the help of comprehensive protection and control functions, which ensure the reliable operation of the power system. As the complexity and ratings of electrical power systems increase, so do also the demands on the protective devices and systems, which have to protect them from damage and preserve power system stability. 

Protection equipment in conjunction with communication links provides the best possible means of selectively isolating faults on high voltage transmission lines, transformers, reactors, and other important items of electrical plants. To prevent the power system from failure and damage, the teleprotection system enables to selectively disconnect the faulty part by transferring command signals within the shortest possible time.

NSD570 enables a fast, reliable, and secure transmission of protection commands over any kind of communication media through a complete set of line interfaces.  NSD570 supports IEC 61850 as well as conventional contact type interface thus allowing the exchange of GOOSE messages between traditional and IEC 61850 enabled substations.  

NSD Teleprotection Device

Typical line protection system architecture:

Typical line protection system architecture:
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