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Asset Valuator

Asset and project valuation for utilities and finance organizations

The Asset Valuator is used by private equity players, utilities, banks and financial players for benchmarking, credit evaluation, monitoring and initial screening of asset values.

Asset Valuator allows utilities and finance organizations to answer key questions such as:

  • What is your debt portfolio now worth on a merchant basis?
  • How is your portfolio going to be affected from gas price increase/decrease?
  • What discount rates are implied by the recent sales?
  • How can you compare these sales to your own portfolio?
  • How has the value of your portfolio changed in the last six months?

Key Features

Hitachi Energy has evaluated over 6,000 generation units across 70 market zones, including all nuclear, thermal, and other generating plants over 25 MW. This provides organizations with the ability to answer questions around asset valuation quickly and easily utilizing the same methodology and rigorous approach that has been used by Hitachi Energy with thousands of other major players.

Asset Valuator can be used for:

  • Credit evaluation to benchmark power generators’ merchant cash flows.
  • Project review by potential sellers, assessing asset cash flow and project value as background for considering the underlying book value of a project.
  • Valuation by potential investors as part of their screening for both distressed debt and asset acquisition work, or for industry players to evaluate potential acquisition portfolios.
  • Review of potential impairment as part of the asset book valuation review with auditors. Specific projects that require a detailed database of individual unit data or selected portfolios, or estimated value changes due to changing gas prices.
  • Quickly comparing individual assets to regional averages, looking at value trends over time to aid hedging decisions, identifying when a plant can cover debt repayment schedules, or assessing implied discount rates from actual transactions in a matter of minutes.
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