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Unlocking potential across traditional & renewable energy assets with intelligent control system

Ensuring reliable and economical power supply with reduced carbon footprint.

e-mesh Control is a state-of-the-art control system for seamless integration of renewable energy assets with traditional energy assets for maximization of power availability & economic operations. e-mesh Control is based on Hitachi Energy's robust, modular and scalable RTU platform. It is purposely designed for grid stabilization, microgrid, and distributed energy resources solutions with application-specific libraries that minimize engineering effort.

For more information, please download our brochure and datasheet.

Key features

  • Advanced power system functions like seamless grid integration and grid code compliance, coupled with optimized operations and maintenance of all connected energy assets
  • It supports agile migration concepts as well as functional and software extensions to safeguard your investments
  • Strong and resilient cyber security features for secure communication via all forms of networks
  • Enables system configuration via on premises user interface

Key Benefits

  • Maximized efficiency of traditional and distributed energy assets.
  • Reduces cost of energy & cost of operation by optimizing distributed resources
  • Maximizes renewables utilization to reduce carbon footprint
  • Standard, pre-tested configurations deployed which saves time.

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