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EconiQ high-voltage portal background (stage)

EconiQ ‒ Eco-efficient high-voltage portfolio

Accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral energy future

We have a responsibility to help our customers to accelerate the energy transition. Hitachi Energy supports the worldwide efforts to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

EconiQ ‒ a game-changing technology as alternatives to sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) to reduce the environmental impact.

Hitachi Energy is continuously reducing the use of SF6, improving its lifecycle management, and accelerating the development of eco-efficient products and solutions as alternative to SF6.

Over time, we have been successful in continuously increasing the voltage levels of the eco-efficient switchgear portfolio, with a specific focus on the technically most challenging part, which is the current interruption.

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EconiQ high-voltage portfolio roadmap

Exceptional solutions for the environment

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