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Release of System Data Manager SDM600 Ver. 1.1 Feature Pack 1

We are pleased to announce the release of System Data Manager SDM600 1.1 Feature Pack 1 (FP1).

Modern utilities run a pair of vital networks - one delivering services to customers, the other monitoring and managing the first one. SDM600 monitors that second network; tracking protection relay software versions, collating disturbance reports, and helping to secure the network against attack.


This new version, SDM600 1.1 Feature Pack 1 (FP1), is an add-on to SDM600 1.1. The Feature Pack release concept means incremental add-on releases and upgrades of SDM600 software between the main releases.

Note! SDM600 1.1 FP1 includes also previously released service packs for SDM600 1.1 (SP1 and SP2).

New Features

  • Hot-Standby
    Two SDM600 1.1 FP1 systems can be paired to a Hot-Standby (HSB) configuration to provide higher availability. Disturbance recorder data, cyber security events, version information and user accounts are automatically synchronized between the two SDM600 in HSB mode.
  • Digital certificate management
    New configuration user interface allows the end user to create digital certificates signed by SDM600 for any device and purpose. The root certificate and key length used by SDM600 to sign all subsequent certificates can be changed and replaced.
  • Central user account management (CAM) configuration
    The CAM configuration has been extended with replication groups for ABB IEDs supporting this functionality. The CAM configurations for several IEDs can be easily exported into one common package. This configuration package can then be  loaded to the IEDs using PCM600 2.7.The user management configuration has been extended to support private roles based on IEC 62351-8.


  • The SDM600 dashboard has been optimized to show more events on the screen
  • Security events created by SDM600 itself are shown independent of license options
  • Integration of SDM600 as a child system is now independent of license options
  • IED description is taken from SCD file
  • Export / Import of cyber security mapping rules is working properly
  • Security event ID (number) is shown in security mapping target selection
  • Device information can be edited manually in the “Device Settings” configuration
  • Upgraded ABB Wavewin to version H.5

For more information, please read the release note [Internal].

Kind regards,

Michael Obris

Global Product Manager

Substation Automation Products


SDM600 System Data Manager

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