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SDM600 - Release 1.1 Service Pack 2

This Service Pack includes corrections for the following functional issues in SDM600 1.1 SP1:

  • User Management buttons to add / remove users are not shown in non-english operating systems.
  • The SP1 installer contained wrong path information to the database folder and failed to install on PCs that did not contain a previous SDM600 version


It is recommended to upgrade all existing SDM600 1.1 installations to this Service Pack 2 (SDM600 1.1 SP2) release.


  • Backup the current SDM600 configuration (using the Configuration – Backup and Restore functionality)
  • Download and run the SDM600_1.1(SP2).FullInstaller.exe
  • Existing SDM600 1.1 or SDM600 1.1 SP1 systems will automatically be migrated to this SP2 version (including User accounts, DR and security event data).
  • A reboot of the Computer is required after the SDM600 1.1 SP2 installation

Kind regards,

Lorenzo Santoro
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products
[email protected]

SDM600 - Release 1.1 Service Pack 2
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