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Signalling relays contain a mechanical flag to indicate the operation of the relay. They are used for operation indication of protection functions in a protective assembly, for DC supervision, or with transformer mechanical protections as indication and contact multiplication relays.

Trip circuit supervision relays are used to monitor the healthiness of the circuit breaker trip coil and associated trip circuits.

Our offering:

RXSF - Signal flag relay

RXSF 1 is a general purpose contact dc signalling flag relay. The flag is used as an operation indicator following the position of the contacts or mechanically reset, depending on relay version. Flags are available in different colors i.e. yellow and red.

High ac surge immunity allows the relay to be used as intertrip and remote indicating relays. There are versions directly operated from dc current, that may be used e.g. as trip current (target) indicating relays.

A zero voltage indicating type is available which can be used to supervise dc supply voltages.

The standard RXSF 1 unit contains one or two relays with three contacts and red indicating flags.

Main Features:

  • Low power consumption
  • High resistance to shock and vibration
  • Twin contacts give high contact reliability even at lower voltages
  • Dc voltage and dc current operated versions available
  • Flags that follow armature or mechanically hand reset 

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