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Transformers for refining and petrochemicals

Hitachi Energy is a leading global transformers manufacturer designed to meet the oil and gas industry requirements in refining, petrochemical, and chemical applications.

Environmental, safety, and reliability are some of the top challenges the refining and downstream segment faces. To help address these concerns, Hitachi Energy incorporates rigorous design, simulation, and testing protocols when manufacturing its transformers. Because of their high flashpoint, liquid-filled transformers are available with natural and synthetic ester fluids to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazards.  Traditional mineral oil is also available. 

Due to various harsh and sometimes caustic environments, transformer designs need to meet various global and local certification requirements. Hitachi Energy transformers have compliance with the largest database of local certifications and design criteria.  These local design requirements cover a broad range, such as control cabinets, bushing clearances, hazardous gas, and contamination containment.


Why Hitachi Energy

  • High-reliability performance is ensured using the best production methods supported by global engineering design tools.
  • Global platform - local production - local service and short delivery time
  • We have the largest components and accessories like bushings, transformer relays, and on-load tap changers that are certified to local design requirements
  • Available features such as CoreSense and CoreTec for intelligent real-time remote asset monitoring and management

Our Offerings

Hitachi Energy's power transformers

Trasformatori di potenza

Hitachi Energy offre una gamma completa di trasformatori di potenza e relativi componenti e parti, tra cui oltre venti UHVDC da 800 kV e oltre cinquecento unità CA da 735-765 kV.

Substation distribution transformers

Hitachi Energy's substation distribution transformers are generally connected directly to overhead utility power lines. Click to learn more.

Variable speed drive (VSD) transformers

Variable speed drives of Hitachi Energy are used to control the speed of rotation of electronic motors in many industrial applications. Learn more.

RESIBLOC® transformers

RESIBLOC® cast-resin transformers of Hitachi Energy offer maximum mechanical strength to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses from severe climates, cycling loads, and short circuit forces. Click to learn more.

Vacuum cast coil (VCC) transformers

Hitachi Energy’s vacuum cast coil transformers use the most technologically advanced design to support the extreme conditions present in chemical processing, extra heavy traction, and heavy industrial applications. Click to learn more.
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