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Asset performance management from the field to the boardroom

Leggi l'IDC MarketScape 2020-2021 Vendor Assessment per scoprire perché Hitachi Energy è posizionata nella categoria Leaders in Asset Performance Management (APM) per le utility.

Il rapporto evidenzia tre principali punti di forza di Hitachi Energy:


  • Competenza nel settore delle utilities - Profonda esperienza nel settore e track record nei mercati dell'energia e delle utilities
  • Portata globale - Posizionata per la crescita e una più ampia copertura geografica in una joint venture con Hitachi
  • Potenziale di innovazione - Opportunità di innovazione e sinergie con il portafoglio digitale di Hitachi per un maggiore valore aggiunto per i clienti

Industry-leading performance models incorporate the expertise of over 40 years of servicing critical industrial equipment of all manufacturers

See for yourself what Asset Performance Management can do for you.

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Ameren Illinois

Moving to condition-based maintenance with Lumada APM

Inner Mongolia Power Company (IMPC)

is using Lumada APM to reduce downtime and outages, ensuring reliable delivery of power to the 24 million people 

UK Power Networks Services

is enabling a new era of asset performance and digitalization for the UK’s HS1 line with insights from the track to the boardroom  

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Predictive, prescriptive, prognostic

A few words on using the data you have

Bryan Friehauf, Head of Enterprise Software Solutions, Hitachi Energy

Asset intelligence

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Prognostic forecasting of asset condition for nuclear power generation

Prognostic forecasting of asset condition for hydro power generation

Aumenta il tuo IQ APM

Digitalization and the future of asset performance management

This paper will look in more detail at the context of and requirements for APM processes as this field evolves and incorporates the advancements of big data.

Energy Digital Solutions Power a More Sustainable Future

With Hitachi digital energy solutions, power companies can get more out of their data than ever before when they digitize their critical assets, resulting in fewer outages, smarter cities, and above all, more satisfied customers.

Lumada APM solutions: From field data to fleet optimization

Lumada APM is designed to provide health and performance insights to prevent critical asset failures while optimizing asset lifecycle costs.  

Use data to anticipate issues

Approximately 68% of time-based maintenance provides no added value and/or does not lead to corrective action. There is a better way

Deployment of a prognostic asset management solution at a fossil-fired power plant

Power generators need to ensure sufficient power-generating capacity in stable operation to meet ongoing commercial commitments, and to supply power during forecast peak demand periods.

Deployment of a prognostic asset management solution at a hydroelectric plant

Hydropower stations’ assets include hydro-turbine-generator units, transformers and control equipment. Avoiding critical malfunctions and failures is essential.

Deployment of a prognostic asset management solution at a copper mine

Take steps to reduce costs and equipment malfunctions with condition-based asset management.

Condition-based malfunction forecasts for rail operations

Deployment of a prognostic asset management solution at a railway company.

Deployment of a prognostic asset management solution for wind turbines

This wind power case study features prognostic asset management for wind turbines at one of Europe’s market leaders in both onshore and offshore wind power generation.