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Wireless Communications for oil & gas

Connecting telecommunications safely, economically and without risk.

Telecommunications play an increasingly important role in the industry’s efforts to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. As more remote and less accessible reservoirs are developed, high-speed, reliable telecommunications – both fiber and radio – will allow for increased off-site monitoring and control. Land-based operations of offshore facilities are one example of how advanced telecommunication creates opportunities for more efficient and cost-effective operations.

How it works

Modern telecommunications are all about streamlining technology through integration. Duplication of hardware, software and cabling can have a strong impact on the bottom line due to higher costs, more spare parts, increased training and less efficiency. To rationalize operations and control costs, tomorrow’s oil & gas industry will take advantage of common user interfaces for all applications and systems, common network infrastructures, common technologies (legacy SDH/PDH, Ethernet, IP, MPLS-TP, etc.) and common maintenance systems.

We understand your challenges

Hitachi Energy is a leading supplier of customized, reliable and cost-efficient telecommunications and security systems for turnkey or standalone offshore, onshore or pipeline projects. As a single source telecommunications provider, we will continue to ensure that communication technology keeps pace with the changing needs of the industry and implement innovative solutions for increased efficiency in the future.

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