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Greater transparency, accuracy, risk mitigation, and profitability

We help organizations meet sustainability targets, minimize market risk while maximizing profitability, and comply with ever-changing industry regulations and standards. Our ETRM solutions are uniquely positioned to support the energy transition as well as commodities that enable renewable energy technologies. Serving producers, utilities, and trading companies across the globe, our award-winning Commodity / Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solutions are purpose-built software systems designed to automate complex tasks. We support the entire trade cycle from the front to the back office.

Our ETRM solutions consistently win awards and recognition from users and renowned industry think tanks, thereby confirming our proven track record as a global ETRM leader. We’re proud to have received the following accolades: 

  • Top ranked in 15 categories in the 2024 Chartis' Ranking
  • Category leader in Chartis RiskTech Quadrant for Energy Pricing Systems, 2024
  • Ranked Top Five overall Physical trading, operations and logistics software
  • Top Provider of ETRM Solutions C/ETRM 2024, Energy Risk Software Rankings"


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Our comprehensive ETRM solutions provide energy trading, retailing and generation customers with robust capabilities:

  • One source of the truth: Enables users to manage and control front-to-back (bid-to-bill) processes, reduce errors, and support data reporting requirements – all from a single data repository.  
  • Capture of energy attribute certificates: Tracking and management of Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) such as Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) and Guarantee of Origin (GoO).
  • Greenhouse gas emission tracking and carbon accounting: automates the end-to-end emissions tracking and management process from capturing emissions allowances, offsets, and credits, and inventory management to meet compliance requirements or financially optimize portfolios.
  • Minimize settlement disputes: By maximizing settlement automation, integrated billing functionality for standard deals and complex energy contracts such as PPAs, settlement disputes are reduced.
  • Multi-commodity support: Both physical and financial transactions for the energy and commodity trading markets.   
  • Real-time visibility and enhanced decision-making: Increased transparency across the enterprise, from the portfolio manager to the chief risk officer, through robust portfolio reporting and analysis.
  • Improved hedging and reduced missed deal opportunities: Supports valuation and drill-down reporting to view exposure to market, volumetric, and other risks.
  • Regulatory and sustainability focused reporting: Automation of regulatory reporting, such as REMIT, EMIR, MiFID II, FERC, Dodd Franks, as well as REC reporting in accordance with state-level Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).
  • Centralized control and decentralized execution: Improved organizational agility by providing trader autonomy while enabling secure management control.

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