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e-mesh Solutions for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Power to touch human lives

microgrid solutions for NGOs

Fueling change through cost-effective clean energy

An estimated 645 million people in the sub-Saharan African region do not have access to electricity. This effects the day-to-day lives of people; from domestic cooking at homes to treating critically ill patients in medical facilities. The existing grid infrastructure is not robust enough to meet the rising power needs of this fast developing continent. Lack of access to modern energy is severely impacting both human and economic development of Africa. 

Across the continent, many humanitarian organizations are leading various development efforts - from building educational institutions to promoting small scale businesses - using clean energy as a catalyst. These organizations bring together the local governing bodies, civic societies, and private sectors to address the prevailing energy crisis. In recent years, profit and non-profit organizations have come together to build sustainable energy solutions that will ensure clean, low-cost, and reliable electricity for everyone. With a large human population spread out as smaller communities in remote off-grid locations and many Africa nations trying to minimize carbon footprint, microgrids is emerging as a viable power generation model in the region. This change is further strengthened by favorable external market factors like declining solar energy cost and battery storage price.

Hitachi Energy e-mesh PowerStore is a containerized microgrid and battery energy storage solution, best suited to meet the power requirements of emerging economies like Africa. With its unique ability to generate 100 % renewable power almost anywhere, anytime it can be easily deployed in any off-grid locations. Our solution helps to:

  • Provide cost-effective and clean energy
  • Provide power to people in remote rural villages
  • Deliver uninterrupted power to critical establishments like hospitals, schools, and refugee camps
  • Improve industrial operations with a continuous supply of high-quality power
  • Minimize carbon footprint by reduced usage of fossil fuels
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