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Digital Kit

Enabling remote support for high-voltage products

The Digital Kit from Hitachi Energy provides a fully immersive remote support solution to customers for various service requirements of high-voltage products. With the Digital Kit, technicians performing service activities on-site can access expertise and knowledge from Hitachi Energy on-demand, from any place in the world. The Digital Kit utilizes augmented reality to give service experts a real-time view as seen by the technician on-site, enabling effective collaboration and resolution of the task at hand.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • A global support network and access to competent and highly experienced resources
  • With the use of latest technology, our stringent processes and quality standards - we bring your high voltage equipment back in service in the least amount of time.
  • In-house engineers and expert service staff to support legacy equipment and products currently in production.
  • Subject matter experts employed at local and product service centers ensure work is completed with adherence to manufacturing and industry standards.
Product overview
The Digital Kit leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist solution, allowing on-site workers and remote experts to communicate freely with each other through audio-visual experience. 
It also allows sharing drawings and images that refer to specific parts of a machine or asset and the screen may also be annotated or drawn on, to further highlight specific parts or components. Remote experts can also insert 3D models, reference images, schematics, and other information to the technician's physical space so they can be referred to while working safely. 
Digital Kit

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Digital Kit - enabling remote support for high-voltage products