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City center infeed

Cables and small converter stations - HVDC has great potential for city applications.

Power loads in cities are increasing as the world urbanizes, and metropolitan power networks are continuously upgrading in order to meet the demand for power. Land space being scarce and expensive, substantial difficulties arise whenever new right-of-way must be secured to carry additional power over traditional transmission lines.

As power transmission levels increase, the risk of exceeding the short-circuit capability of existing switchgear equipment as well as other network components becomes another real threat to the further expansion of power networks. Strategies to develop urban power networks must also address issues like power congestion, pollution, acoustical and electrical noise, power quality and control, and permits, among others.

With HVDC technology all the above issues are solved. The HVDC Light converter stations are compact and by virtue of their control, they do not contribute to the short-circuit levels. The controls can balance power flow on multiple urban infeeds. The DC cables are easily installed underground using existing right-of-ways and the capacity can thus be increased on existing power corridors.

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