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6000 series

The 6000 series offer an alternative solution to the successful Relion series of protection and control IEDs (intelligent electronic device).

The PSL series of line protection devices are ideal as an alternative to the Relion offering, ultimately suitable as a main 2 or back-up solution, as it uses a different hardware architecture and its own protection algorithms. Based on a reliable hardware architecture with a redundant CPU and A/D conversion, it applies advanced line differential and distance protection with back-up protection in a configured package, making it very user friendly and intuitive.

The DRL6600U offers an extendable dedicated disturbance recording solution, with 10 kHz sampling and the ability to monitor and record GOOSE communication on the station or process bus. It can record up to 96 analog input channels and 192 binary input channels and more as 5000 disturbance recordings can be stored simultaneously. The AE600 fault recording analysis software offers advanced waveform analysis, including sequence and period components calculation, power calculation, harmonic calculation and ranging functions.

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