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Busbar protection

Hitachi Energy's busbar and breaker-failure protection solutions are designed to ensure safe and reliable operation of all types of busbar arrangement for distribution, sub-transmission, and transmission systems.

Our protection solutions for busbars provide numerical busbar and breaker-failure protection schemes and are designed for different busbar arrangements across all voltage levels. The solutions can be used with different busbar and breaker-failure protection setups, in centralized or decentralized arrangements. For both centralized and decentralized schemes, the busbar and breaker-failure protection functions can be accommodated in one or more panels, as required. 

Depending on the type chosen, the breaker-failure protection functions can be integrated as follows:

  1. Within the busbar protection system 
  2. Within the bay protection or control IED
  • Centralized busbar protection: Busbars can be protected using centralized busbar protection. In this solution, all copper wires from current transformers and status of disconnectors, as well as the tripping circuits to the circuit breakers, are connected to a central panel, where the busbar protection IED is installed. Two different approaches can be used: a centralized busbar protection IED; or a decentralized busbar protection system, installed in a central panel.
  • Decentralized busbar protection: Busbar protection can also be provided using a decentralized system. In this case, bay units are installed in the individual bay protection panels to provide the interfaces from the primary equipment to the busbar protection system. Alternatively, the bay units may be installed in the switchyard, close to the primary equipment. Each bay unit can perform independent protection functions (such as overcurrent and breaker failure) for each bay, while also providing the main 2 functionalities of lines and transformers. Each bay unit communicates with the central unit to provide decentralized busbar protection.
Busbar protection solutions

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  • For single to quadruple busbars including transfer bus
  • For one-and-a-half breaker systems
  • Decentralized and centralized installation
  • Breaker-failure protection
  • Event and disturbance recording 

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