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A detailed assessment of the system

Expert assessment and advanced algorithms are the foundation of informed decision-making. Hitachi Energy uses a reliability algorithm based on the Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) method to assign a level of importance to each asset in the system.

Advanced reliability analysis

The impact can be calculated in terms of frequency and duration of interruptions, in terms of energy not supplied, or in financial terms in the form of loss of production, loss of revenue or penalties. Hitachi Energy experts help customers select the most appropriate solution in each situation. Based on the statistical contribution to the total loss of service or loss of revenue, the algorithm ranks substation assets from low to high importance.

Expert condition assessment

Using asset-specific checklists, a Hitachi Energy expert assesses the condition of assets and collects information about a substation’s operational experience. No outage is required, so operations are not affected.

Advanced Hitachi Energy remote support solutions are available to support the on-site assessment remotely, or to reach in-house specialists for an in-depth analysis of critical assets. On top, the assessment can be combined with a 3D Scan to generate the foundation for a digital representation of the system.

Red, yellow or green risk level?

Combining the importance analysis with the results of a condition assessment, assets are placed in a risk matrix that illustrates the individual contribution of each one to overall risk. This helps to define recommendations that will give due priority to high risk equipment and achieve the most effective means of reducing system risk.

Decisions based on facts and data

Hitachi Energy will recommend interventions that are tailored to the calculated risks and needs. For example, a replacement/overhaul plan will improve the substation’s condition and reduce probability of failure; upgrading substation design and its redundancies will help reduce the negative impact of failures on operations.

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