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Features 19-02-2024

2 min read

Hitachi Energy Day Tanzania shapes a sustainable digital landscape

Unveiling insights into sustainability and digitalization

As the world grapples with the need for sustainable energy solutions amid a digital revolution, Hitachi Energy hosted Hitachi Energy Day Tanzania on Feb. 16 at the Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam. Building on the success of previous events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, this year's event showcased a convergence of industry leaders, experts, and other stakeholders. The momentum continued the following day as the attendees also witnessed the expansion efforts of the company with the inauguration of Hitachi Energy Tanzania.

Underscoring its commitment to the country, Hitachi Energy Day Tanzania offered attendees an interactive experience with the sessions presenting valuable insights into the intersection of sustainability and digitalization in the energy sector.

“We are honored to host Hitachi Energy Day Tanzania. It signifies a pivotal moment of our commitment to driving innovation and sustainability,” Malvin Naicker, Managing Director, Hitachi Energy Sub-Saharan Africa. “It is important that we remain relevant and ahead of the discussion regarding digitalization, sustainability, and the energy transition, addressing how we can support the evolution of the grid and offset fossil fuels with renewables.”

One of the highlights of the event was a thought-provoking panel discussion on the critical importance of power quality. Amid rising concerns over the cost of poor power quality, industry experts shed light on the far-reaching consequences of outages, voltage dips, harmonics, and other disturbances. As reliance on technology grows, ensuring a high-quality power supply becomes increasingly indispensable to maintaining operational efficiency.

Hitachi Energy Day Tanzania addressed how digitalization is revolutionizing the energy landscape. Digital technologies have emerged as a game-changer, enabling utilities to optimize energy consumption, integrate renewables seamlessly, and enhance grid stability. Through automation, predictive maintenance, and real-time monitoring, digital solutions are driving operational efficiency and democratizing energy access, particularly in remote regions.

A key focus of the event was the peer-to-peer energy trading solution that empowered local communities by enabling transparent and decentralized energy transactions. By harnessing the power of data analytics and real-time monitoring, stakeholders can make informed decisions, paving the way for a sustainable energy transition while harmonizing digital strategies with energy policies, ensuring a cohesive and inclusive approach.  Digitalization is the only way to manage future energy systems, balanced with managing and optimizing today’s operations.

With a diverse lineup of engaging discussions, networking opportunities, the event was poised to shape the future of energy in Tanzania and beyond. 


Lerato Nkosi

Country Communications Manager Southern Africa