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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 24-03-2022

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Breaking the Bias with Noaman Amjad, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

As the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Hitachi Energy, I work with diverse teams spread across more than 60 countries to drive profitable and sustainable growth.
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer - Noaman Amjad

I believe a diverse workforce is critical to the success of a leading global company. At Hitachi Energy, my team and I are convinced that the key to our success lies in our ability to propagate a working culture that provides equal opportunities for all - free of bias, stereotypes & discrimination. The fact that the Marketing & Sales (M&S) teams are spread in local sales organizations globally makes us intrinsically diverse. Nevertheless, we consciously continue our relentless journey to eliminate any barriers and to build a culture where difference and diversity of thought are valued and celebrated. On behalf of the whole M&S community, I feel privileged and honored to support and advocate for the “Break the Bias” campaign.

In my professional journey spanning over close to three decades, I have learnt that teams perform best when they are empowered to operate in a transparent working environment, where people can share their ideas without constraints and with the single purpose to find solutions to customer needs. It is easy to see how fostering and strengthening such a culture can enable us to accelerate our journey towards leadership in the energy sector. 

Due to our truly global footprint, the Hitachi Energy culture thrives on diversity especially national, ethnic, and cultural. 

In addition, we appreciate the need to leverage the power of gender diversity as well to serve customers with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Therefore, we are continuing to take steps in this direction to create a truly diverse and inclusive work environment.

The direction of the global energy transition gives a great opportunity. Due to our legacy of delivering solutions for expanding and maintaining power grids, we are in a unique position to support all the building blocks of the carbon-neutral future. I am delighted that we have capabilities to support the advancement of a sustainable, flexible, and secure energy system; moreover, what makes me proud is our purpose – Advancing a Sustainable Energy Future for all. For me, our purpose portrays inclusiveness and articulates the importance of advancing sustainable energy without discrimination. While I am delighted to be a part of the Hitachi Energy effort, the responsibility of living up to the challenge fills me with a sense of humility.

As the Hitachi Energy M&S team, we are making efforts to foster a diverse workforce with a blend of experience and youth willing to continuously challenge the status quo and accelerate a bias-free culture. Collectively, we can #BreakTheBias. Join us in promoting diversity of thought and advancing a sustainable energy future for all.