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Meet Our People Tokyo, Japan 20-12-2022

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Mitsuo Matsuyama: Work-life balance means being valued as a human being

High Voltage Business Unit, Sales Specialist, Hitachi Energy Japan

I am Mitsuo Matsuyama, a sales specialist at Hitachi Energy's High Voltage Business Unit. I joined Hitachi Energy in June 2020 where I am mainly engaged in the sales of power and industry components, including power quality products and generator circuit breakers. Every day I work with the team to ensure our customers in Japan widely adopt our high-voltage equipment.

Since joining the company, I have spent most of my time under activity restrictions under Covid-19. These days I am slowly returning to my former world, and I received training at an overseas location for the first time this year. Hitachi Energy offers a wide variety of training and skill-building programs for employees. I will continue taking advantage of these opportunities to improve my skills.

As the spread of renewable energy accelerates in the future, our products and services have great potential to impact societies and how we can improve lives and inspire others. I want to contribute to solving our customers' issues by working with the Hitachi Group to meet our customers' expectations in Japan. Working at Hitachi Energy also gave me the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse environment, so I make discoveries every day.

Knowing our value as human beings

I believe labor rights and workplace safety are human rights. 

Hitachi Energy has been proactive in encouraging employees to take leaves. I took childcare leave from July to mid-August of this year. In Japan, it has been challenging for men to take childcare leave.

It is an important matter, of course, but a revision of the law in April encouraged men to take childcare leave.

During the childcare leave, I spent valuable time with my child by gaining the support of those around me who understood my need to take a break. In addition, I have maintained a lifestyle that ensures a good work-life balance by utilizing telecommuting after returning to work. A work-life balance means that employees and their families are valued as human beings.

I hope these efforts will spread to other Japanese companies and foreign companies in Japan, and I encourage our company to continue adopting the excellent measures of other companies in improving their employees' work environment and quality of life.