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Meet Our People 08-02-2023

3 min read

Akiko Shiino stays close to customer to propose the best solution

I'm Akiko Shiino, a Grid Integration sales engineer based in Japan. As a sales engineer, I place particular importance on "aiming to be a true partner."

While listening to the customer's current challenges, I propose system configurations that meet the required specifications and provide additional functions that improve operational convenience, efficiency, and future expandability. For voltage classes or product groups not included in our product lineup, I may propose combining products from other manufacturers.

Our customers' business fields are wide-ranging, and their requirements for power systems vary widely. I still have a lot to learn from them, but I am always trying to keep the conversation going and making better proposals every day.

The relationship of trust is never disrupted. In addition to making proposals, I ensure I work alongside the customer during the project execution, installation, and operation phases.

I am fortunate to have customers and projects that I am passionate about.

At Hitachi Energy, we can communicate with a diverse range of global members regardless of their position or location. When I travel to factories around the world, I spend a lot of time communicating and learning about the thinking of the members working there to build relationships within the company. By understanding the differences in cultures and ways of thinking, I can correctly convey Japanese customers' requests within the company.

I often proceed with technical proposals while learning from global technical specialists. This way, I increase my knowledge with each project and grow professionally.

Hitachi Energy's team culture

Our high mobility and abundance of human resources at the global level allow us to organize the best possible team quickly. Even with a framework with no precedent, if we can explain the need, we can dynamically organize a team involving experts in various fields and move toward the project. As a sales engineer, this is incredibly encouraging.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Feb. 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Since our company's sales staff are also engineers, the percentage of men could be higher. Still, we have many female sales staff in our overseas subsidiaries and female managers and factory managers. I look forward to talking with these women on business trips in both public and private situations.

Future initiatives

Becoming a Hitachi member in 2020 will allow us to collaborate with other Hitachi Group companies and expand our possibilities even further. We will continue to propose the best solutions to solve our customers' issues as One Hitachi. I am happy to be able to engage in customer projects in such an environment.