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Transformers – White Papers


Interview with Giuseppe Petrelli, Global Head of Marketing and Sales, BU Transformers, Hitachi Energy

Interview with Bruno Melles, Managing Director, Business Unit Transformers, Hitachi Energy

Interview with Alberto Prieto, Global Portfolio Manager and Digital Lead for Transformers, Hitachi Energy

White Papers

EconiQᵀᴹ: Transformers with a purpose

Ester-filled distribution transformers: The sustainable model to strengthen the low voltage grid

Sharing our expertise with remote services to achieve sustainable performance

Enhancing the reliability of offshore wind farm transformers with customized design and maintenance

Investigating cost-benefit analysis for digital distribution transformers – Part I

Investigating cost-benefit analysis for digital distribution transformers – Part II

Innovative solutions for rolling stock traction transformers

Transformers applications for industry

TXpert™ Ecosystem - Transforming performance

Intercontinental Hotel in Singapore adopts digital distribution transformers from Hitachi Energy

Digitalization of renewable resources, the path to a more reliable electrical network

Fleet digitalization for increased reliability and maintenance optimization

AI – machine learning algorithms applied to transformer diagnostics

Demystifying online DGA monitor specification

Investigating return on online DGA investments for service aged power transformer

Aligning Hitachi Energy transformers with United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

United to reduce global transformer losses – Around the world, day and night

Modern power transformers for underground substations

Sustainable transformers – Solutions to increase reliability and ease maintenance

Transformer assessment using health index – Part I

Transformer assessment using health index: Sensitivity analysis and critical discussion – Part II

Advanced analytics for transformer asset management

Transformer innovation in a changing energy landscape - Part I

Transformer innovation in a changing energy landscape – Part II

Shunt reactors improve voltage stability and power quality

Hitachi Energy's transformers for special applications meet special needs

Transformers to power Indian Railways

Power fulfillment with Hitachi Energy's UHVDC and UHVAC transformers

Environment comes first with Hitachi Energy's oil-free transformers

Eco-friendly ester liquid transformer designs

Driving down energy losses in transformers

Hitachi Energy transformers for renewable applications

Towards net zero emissions - The role of circularity in transformers



Hitachi Energy offers distribution and power transformers, dry-type and liquid-filled transformers as well as services, to be used in utility, industrial and commercial applications.

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