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Power Consulting Training
Hitachi Grid Academy

Welcome to our broad offer of technology-agnostic courses on electric power systems.

Based on more than 30 years of experience and the best Hitachi Energy expert teachers, we will help your organisation gain new skills and stay updated with the latest technology trends.

Online catalogue 2022

eMobility: challenges and opportunities


The objective of this course is to identify the main elements in offshore grid platforms related to AC and DC systems, including power cables, substations and FACTS.


Date: 22-23 June OR 1-2 December - Price: 720 EUR

The EU grid codes requirements and their application


Delve into the technical specificities of Grid codes in Europe and understand their role in helping renewables to integrate. Study generating facilities and their main connections to Hitachi Energy complying the current Grid Code requirements.

Date: 9-11 February OR 31 August - 2 September - Price: 1980 EUR

Introduction to Power System Dynamics


Participants will acquire an understanding of power systems dynamics starting from basic stability concepts to modeling of power system equipment and running power system dynamics simulations. Considerations associated with modeling synchronous generators, excitation systems, prime-movers, loads, FACTS (SVCs and Statcoms) and Battery Energy Storage Systems will be discussed. This course will also provide the background for attendees to appreciate and understand how to run basic power system stability studies.




Date: 25-29 April OR 23-27 May - Price: 900 USD / 790 EUR


Strategic planning of distribution grids - Online classroom


Participants will acquire an understanding of how distribution grids are planned today. The topics that will be covered go from understanding the difference between expansion planning and target network planning to a mapping of future load feed situations (including electromobility).


Date: 27-28 January OR 6-7 September - Price: 1320 EUR


Introduction to Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)


Understand the background and principles of today's Life Cycle Assessments and eco directives and how these can help your business get greener.


Date: 22-25 March OR 12-15 December - Price: 480 EUR

Power System Earthing


Learn the basic criteria for a safe design and calculation of earthing systems in any high voltage facility and perform analysis of calculations in case studies following the international standards IEC and IEEE. You will also resolve case studies on substations and smaller stations based on the current legal framework.

Date: 5-7 April OR 13-15 September - Price: 405 EUR 

Overvoltage and insulation coordination


This course aims at analysing the main actions required to ensure the insulation coordination of electrical systems. It also focuses on assessing the specific equipment needed to address shielding, line insulation, earthing and other effects.




Date: 17-18 May OR 2-3 November - Price: 600 EUR


Protection coordination and arc flash hazard analysis


Follow our course to understand what arc flash means, how it can happen and how to study and analyse it. Get to know the relays coordination and arc flash hazard phenomena from a practical point of view. 

Date: 15-16 March OR 27-28 September - Price: 600 EUR

Substations engineering


The goal of the course is to improve the ability of personnel from power utilities, Power generation, transmission companies & industries and consultants responsible for engineering, commissioning, operation and maintenance of substations to know the various aspects of substation engineering.


Date: 1-3 February OR 24-26 May OR 22-24 November - Price: 405 EUR

Condition Monitoring of Switchyard Equipments


The main objective of this course is to learn how to assess the condition of switchyard's equipments, avoid age-related failure, minimize cost of consequential failure of peripheral equipment and optimise resources to plan and operate the electric system reliably and with the maximum economic benefit.




Date: 10-12 May OR 23-25 August - Price: 405 EUR


Unit Protection (Generator, transformer, motor)

Learn about types of faults in transformers, generators and motors. Understand thermal overload protection, motor start-up proteciton, locked rotor protection, etc and discover the principles of major protections like differential, pole slip, reverse power and others.


Date: 22-24 March OR 7-9 June OR 10-12 October - Price: 405 EUR


Protection for electric power systems

Engineers interested in electrical protection are welcome to join us on this course to deepen on the most common protection devices and systems used in generation, transmission and distribution. Protection for generators, static machines, substations and lines will be addressed by our teachers, basing the course on an active methodology


Date: 7-11 March OR 3-7 October - Price: 1480 EUR 

Electrical safety

During this course, you will learn how to work safely in an electrical environment and how to ensure a safe workplace for your colleagues. At the end of this course you will be able to understand the importance of adopting standard tools and equipment, ensure that engineers on site can identify situations where special assistance is required and how to implement appropriate action.


Date: 8-10 February OR 28-30 June OR 7-9 December - Price: 405 EUR


Asset Management


Join this course to explore the fundamentals of asset management and how it has evolved in the past years. You will gain knowledge and master the importance of taking into account all management functions and understanding their role. Finally, you will learn how to perform asset simulations with a software like NEPLAN


Date: 3-4 Februrary OR 13-14 September - Price: 1320 EUR

Work Safety & Risk Assessment


Through this course you will understand how to assess risks in your workplace and how to ensure a safe working atmosphere. You will also learn to ensure a safe workplace, br iy a confined space or working at heights.


Date: 5-7 July - Price: 405 EUR

Introduction to voltage control and reactive power. FACTS solutions


Understand the fundamentals of voltage and reactive power network problems and discover the alternatives and technical and economic advantages that FACTS systems can provide. Dynamic shunt compensation, applications of FACTS devices, comparison of STATCOM and SVC, among others, are some of the topics that will be tackled throughout this course.

Date: 14-16 June OR 22-24 November - Price: 800 EUR

Grid Integration of HVDC light, offshore HVDC and FACTS devices


Don't miss this very innovative course where we will go through VSC theory, harmonics and control to finally understand the role and functioning of HVDC and FACTS devices in today's grids.

Date: 1-3 February OR 14-16 September - Price: 1980 EUR

Power Quality Analysis


Through this course you will discover the principles of Power Quality and Reactive Power compensation. You will also learn about the fundamentals of harmonics and will also understand how to perform a mitigation analysis.

Date: 26-28 January OR 26-28 April 2021 - Price: 405 EUR

Power System Voltage Stability


This course provides a basic understanding of Reactive Power followed by conceptual knowledge of Voltage Stability. Subsequent parts of the course will focus on the identification and analyses of Voltage Stability in the Steady State and Dynamics regimes. Importance of adequate modeling of equipment shall be discussed with special considerations on load dynamics. 

A hands-on experience of technical analyses is included. The final day of the course will be devoted to practical mitigation of Voltage Instability concerns.


Date: 23-26 August OR 1-4 November - Price: 600 EUR / 720 USD


Power System studies: planning and analysis

Join this course to better understand the modelling of power systems and the main concepts of power flow studies. Learn and practice the basics of stability, short-circuit and protection analysis. You will also learn how to model power system components and networks, perform load flow analysis including contingency analysis, short-circuits and transient stability studies through specific case studies.

Date: 6-5 April OR 18-20 October - Price: 1000 EUR

A primer for subsynchronous oscillations (SSR, SSTI, SSCI)


This course is aimed at individuals who work for developers, electric utilities and transmission system operating companies or system operators who are involved in the planning, engineering, specification and operation of power transmission systems who are interested in gaining an overview of the studies required to identify the potential risks and how mitigate SSO phenomena.


Date: 12 May - Price: 100 EUR / 125 USD

Subsynchronous oscillations -the phenomena, studies and mitigation


If you are interested in understanding the various types of subsynchronous oscillation phenomena you are on the right course. You will also delve into the role of electrical machines and the Hitachi Energy in these oscillations and learn how to mitigate and protect systems from SSO.


Date: 6-9 September - Price: 600 EUR / 720 USD


Introduction to NEPLAN 10: a power system software


NEPLAN is one of the most important simulation softwares used in the market today to perform power systems analysis. Join this course to discover its potential by gaining a global vision of the main functionalities of the software and learning how to master basic actions like representing grids, working with diagrams, graphic layers and efficiently using the short-circuit and power flow modules.


Date: 24-26 January OR 24-26 August - Price: 990 EUR

On-demand courses & workshops 2022

We have a broad portfolio of available courses that we can adapt to your company. Contact us to analyse your training needs and prepare the learning plan that fits you best.

Offshore wind connections systems and technology

The objective of this course is to identify the main elements in offshore grid platforms related to AC and DC systems, including power cables, substations and FACTS.

Energy transition: opportunities and challenges with renewables integration

Any professional in the energy sector with an engineering background or having worked in the context of power systems can register for this course. An overview of the current technical challenges for renewables integration in today's grids, and an analysis of the main energy market stakeholders will be performed throughout this course.

Energy storage in innovative markets and microgrids

Our course on “Energy storage in innovative markets and microgrids” will allow you to get a deep understanding of today’s innovative markets for energy storage and the main trends of business models. You will also discover the main available energy storage technologies and their applications, especially in microgrids systems, via meaningful case studies.

HVDC technologies

This course is intended for engineers and technicians involved in the planning, engineering and operation of power transmission systems. It focuses on understanding High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technologies and studying the existing applications, market drivers and operational considerations.

Introduction to smart grids. Communication in intelligent networks

Understanding the importance of the development of smart grids in today’s energy system is a key objective of this course. You will also discover a wide range of scopes of application for smart grids and you will understand the most important aspects about security through real examples of on-going projects and initiatives.

Protective relay testing and diagnosis

This course focuses on discovering the types of tests used to assess protective relays in power systems. It also provides a hands-on experience in defining the settings and parameters of relays and allows you to learn the relevant tests and checks in various real units available for training.

High-voltage line protection

Engineers involved in electrical protection or interested in exploring these systems are welcome to join this course that will allow them to understand the methodologies, devices and protection systems most commonly used in transport lines.

Harmonics in power systems: origin, analysis and filtering solutions

The main goal of this course is to understand the importance of power quality parameters in order to achieve an efficient utilisation of electrical stations, and to discover all steps within a holistic harmonics study, from filtering solutions and dimensioning to field implementation.

Design of substations

Discover the key theoretical and practical aspects in the design, operation and control of substations and transformer stations by joining this course on “Design of substations”.

Substations maintenance

Substation supervision and monitoring, SCADA systems, key maintenance activities, failure risk and life cycle analysis are some of the topics covered by this course. You will thus analyse the fundamental aspects of substations maintenance from a global perspective through a hands-on approach that will enhance your learning about new practices and trends in asset management.

Electric switchgear

This course is aimed at engineers and technicians who wish to obtain a complete view of the switchgear used in different voltage levels. Throughout the course, you will identify the main components of electrical switchgear in high, medium and low voltage networks and you will also understand their applications in generation, transmission and distribution grids.

Power transformers

Review the fundamental concepts of power transformers and the protective techniques against external and internal faults and perturbations and learn the basics about the installation, erection and maintenance of power transformers. The course comprises also a visit to one of the world’s most important power transformers factory to give you a hands-on experience.

Power systems studies and relay coordination

The goal of the course is to familiarize the participants with the different types of power system studies that are performed for industrial and utility electrical power systems. The course emphasizes the criticality of the modelling of the different power system elements for the studies and the methods of extracting this data from the field. It also explains how the analysis results are to be interpreted by comparing the outcomes of the studies with reference to the relevant IEEE standards.


Tailored courses

The Power Consulting training unit is available to develop specific training programmes adapted to your staff, activities and needs.

Based on your requirements and our experience, we can design customised courses within Hitachi Energy facilities or at the customer’s premises (also available online now).

The course content can be tailored to provide a specific answer to a one-off need, to include courses in the company’s catalogue and also to define learning paths combining several courses through different periods.


Online courses
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all our courses are also available on a "live online classroom" format. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Learning plans
In the last years, companies such as Iberdrola, Red Eléctrica de España, Endesa and ArcelorMittal, among others, have relied on our services to train their personnel through tailored learning plans.

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