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e-meshfor mining

Enabling sustainable mining growth.

Maximizing operational excellence with reliable and high-quality power on-site.

Today, the global mining industry is facing multiple challenges including flat commodity prices, declining ore grade quality, skilled labor shortage, strict environmental guidelines, and rising energy costs. Add to this the depletion of reserves in existing mines, and the industry is now being forced to optimize production in existing mines or open new mines in far-off locations.

The mining industry is energy-intensive with power consumption accounting for 15% to 40% of the mine’s total operating budget. Most mines, especially those located in remote off-grid regions, rely heavily on diesel generators for power. Mines are also under severe scrutiny to follow local and international environmental regulations in minimizing carbon footprint.

Becoming self-reliant and generating eco-friendly power while keeping costs low is the solution to address these challenges.

Hitachi Energy e-mesh Energy Storage is a reliable and affordable microgrid and energy storage solution, best suited to meet the energy demands of the mining industry.

Our solution helps to:

  • Reduce energy expenses significantly through reduced fossil fuel purchase
  • Cut down diesel consumption and minimize OPEX
  • Ensure uninterrupted power supply to off-grid remote mines
  • Ensure continuous mine operations and maximize productivity
  • Minimize dependency on grid power supply
  • Reduce in CO2 emissions by reducing generator requirement
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Become energy self-sufficient
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