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Network Manager EMS

Energy Management System (EMS)

EMS is the optimal control center solution to enable secure, efficient and optimized operation of the electric power system. EMS has an open platform that allows for easy integration with other utility information systems, while maintaining high levels of security. It is the market leading platform for building control center solutions to manage today’s as well as tomorrow’s smart grids. Its modular architecture can be tailored to the needs of each company to provide a smooth migration path for future expansion.

The applications are built on an open platform, and can be tuned for real-time control and analysis as well as predictive optimization and planning purposes. These powerful network operation tools facilitate safe and efficient day-to-day operation while minimizing long term capital expenditures.

Each EMS function is implemented as a separate software package and interfaced with the system through a real-time database. This makes it easy to tailor the system to the user requirements, to define execution sequences and cycles individually, and to add new software modules from Hitachi Energy or third-party suppliers as your system evolves.

As information exchange and coordination between TSOs and other market participants become more important, Network Manager is continuously updated to support international and local standards for power system operation and data-exchange. This is done by working closely together with customers worldwide and actively participating in the development of international standards.

Key features

  • Full suite of network applications, providing:
    • Superior information about network state
    • Early identification of transmission bottlenecks
    • Computation of transfer capacity
    • Identification and correction of security violations
    • Optimization of voltage levels across the transmission network
    • Support for congestion forecast workflows including (multi-) day-ahead and intraday load-flow and security analysis (in support of e.g. ENTSO-E CACM and OS network codes)
    • Compliant with version 16 of CIM (IEC-61970) and ENTSO-E CGMES 2.4.15
  • Complete set of SCADA applications which:
    • Fulfill the demands for supervisory control of power systems of the largest sizes
    • Give efficient support for all states of operation as well as efficient handling of disturbances
  • Graphical user interface allowing for:
    • Improved situational awareness
    • Intuitive usage for operators
  • Comprehensive operator training environment
  • Excellent execution performance
  • High availability architecture with online data synchronization across multiple servers
  • Virtualization support

Key benefits

  • Improved system reliability and reduced probability of blackouts
  • Optimal utilization of the transmission network
  • Support for international regulatory and market requirements


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