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Service agreements

With Hitachi Energy service agreements, you can simply focus on your business and leave behind all the worrying about software, hardware, compatibility, and security. Hitachi Energy Grid Automation EnCompass™ Agreements offer service agreements that are tailored to meet your needs. We identify the most effective course of action for your requirements and deliver a solution that helps address any problems with your operations before they grow.

This approach ensures constant care of your assets and helps you hit your key performance targets. Hitachi Energy Grid Automation Service agreements offer total protection for investment now and into the future.

Service level agreements

Grid Automation Service's simple three-step approach to help optimize and maintain your systems


Hitachi Energy carries out a cybersecurity assessment and interviews you to understand your processes and procedures. We then produce a detailed cybersecurity assessment report and provide it to you along with a set of recommended actions for improved cybersecurity.


Hitachi Energy provides recommended actions for you to implement based on the cybersecurity assessment and our domain expertise. Once you agree, we implement the recommendations to your system, ensuring your critical systems are more secure.


By choosing Hitachi Energy as your cybersecurity partner, you enter a Service Agreement that ensures you benefit from our huge domain expertise, 24/7, across the globe. Your power systems will be regularly assessed and monitored by the service team for any potential cybersecurity infringements. 
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