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Colonel Sanders analytics DSC0806

Advanced analytics

A component of Network Manager ADMS

Reporting, reliability, and analysis are critical for improving a utility's operational efficiency, and setting the benchmark for performance against its peers. Powered by Microsoft's advanced business analytics solution Power BI, ADMS Advanced Analytics focuses on utility distribution operations management, with dashboards such as Current Outages, Outage Details, and Asset Reliability, specifically designed to provide managers and operators with key information about outages even under the most extreme weather events.

Advanced Analytics facilitates the efficient restoration of services to customers impacted during an event, provides an analytic view of the utility's current reliability numbers such as SAIDI, CAIFI, SAIFI, etc. based on IEEE standards, and also assists with the outage QA process to ensure the accuracy of outage data. The goal of ADMS Analytics is to provide utilities with a toolkit to improve the overall performance of their outage process, from active orders all the way to reliability reporting.

Key benefits

Improves resource allocation
A holistic view of current outages provides the information needed for operators to make key decisions on allocating resources where they are most needed.

Improves outage accuracy
A detailed look in to individual outages allows for improved QA process. 

Improves customer satisfaction
With a deeper analysis of reliability data, the customers will see more dependable power availability and quality.

Ensures regulatory compliance
A record of performance, even through extreme weather events, and an electronic audit trail helps ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements such as system and customer average interruption and duration indices.

Colonel Sanders analytics DSC0806
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