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Supplier Cybersecurity

We take cybersecurity extremely seriously for the security of our products, systems, services, as well as our customer’s and our data. Our suppliers play a crucial role in our cybersecurity program. We therefore expect our suppliers to support and complement our efforts to keep our systems safe.

Our Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers establishes the minimum measures that we expect our suppliers to comply with. The Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers are a set of cybersecurity requirements that constitute the minimum baseline of cybersecurity measures that our suppliers must comply with.

The Supplier shall establish, document, and implement initiatives in line with commonly accepted industry standards and practices to build sufficient security into the software development process and final products.

Data Protection

We are fully committed to comply with data protection legislation. Our data protection compliance program is based on the strict EU GDPR principles. Where suppliers are processing personal data on our behalf and based on our instructions, our contracts will be supplemented with detailed data protection and security obligations on how personal data should be processed. Respecting your data protection rights is a top priority to us.

If you would like to learn how we collect and process your personal data, please read our Privacy Notice for Suppliers and/or for Contractors.

If you would like to invoke any of your rights under applicable data protection legislation, please complete the relevant form here.

Cybersecurity Requirements

Our Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers

Guideline for our Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers