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Hitachi Power Grids Supplier Sustainability

Supplier Sustainability

We have placed sustainability at the heart of our purpose and made a promise to advance a sustainable energy future for all.

For supply chain, our sustainability strategy focuses on three key areas: 

  • The products and the raw materials we buy. 
  • The suppliers and the overall compliance criteria to engage in ethical business with us. 
  • Our sites and transport processes, becoming carbon-neutral in our own operations.

The Supplier Sustainability Development Program (SSDP) is a supplier engagement initiative to uphold human rights and decent working conditions, ensure safe and environmentally sound operations and comply with relevant regulatory requirements in supply chain.

We are committed to:

  • Responsible sourcing
  • Enhanced operational performance
  • Complying the existing and new regulations

Our approach to responsible sourcing starts with training our suppliers on the importance of compliance to legal requirements, integrity and adherence to the Code of Conduct, Supplier Certificate of Conformance, Anti-Trust and Anti Bribery Laws. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines supplier requirements in the areas of human rights and labor conditions, health, safety and environment (HSE), material compliance, business ethics, secure business and procurement by suppliers. Together with third party service providers, we assess and advise the supplier on the gaps and improvement areas.

The supply base is reviewed annually and selects suppliers who must be assessed when located in 17 high risk countries across AMEA, Europe and the Americas, supplies high risk materials, or is considered to be a key strategic supplier for sustainability. Assessments are conducted and are rated in four risk levels i.e. extremely high, high, medium and low.