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Simplify and optimize your power operations

The complexity of forward-based activity can be overwhelming to manage in the multi-constrained world of power operations, and even more so in the real-time space. PowerTracker* leverages information gathered from historical trading to increase efficiency and simplify planning. 

*PowerTracker is available in limited geographies

Comprehensive Control. Leverage a robust suite of tools to forecast, plan, bid, and schedule. PowerTracker provides greater control over power market operations to save you time and money.

Centralized Management. A one-stop-shop for various short-term power markets including advanced position management and reporting.

Flexible Architecture. Easily integrates with short-term power markets and external systems for better consistency and efficiency across business processes, with the flexibility you need to adapt to a dynamic industry.

Customizable Reporting. Support data-driven business intelligence through compelling visualizations allowing you to process information at a glance.



  • Projected dispatch costs
  • Projected fuel burn volumes
  • Unit availability tracking
  • What-If evaluations of proposed deals
  • Decision Support

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