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Complex energy settlement & invoicing solution

Monitoring and managing energy settlement transactions requires collaborations across multiple departments. Speed to invoice and minimizing operational risks relies on seamless processing of business intelligence. SettlementTracker provides straight-through processing of meter data, billing management, settlement, and automatic accounting entries.

SettlementTracker is an end-to-end, integrated settlement and accounting software application specifically geared toward complex energy contracts. Simplify the complexity of energy settlement and invoicing with the following capabilities:

Robust Functionality. Industry-leading single solution that supports the settlement of standard and non-standard contracts – to improve your organizational efficiency.

Process Automation. Automates all processes from meter data and billing determinants management to settlement.

Workflow Optimization. Allows seamless processing of transaction lifecycles across multiple departments reducing the time to invoice while minimizing operational risks.

Lower Costs. Automate back-office processes to reduce back-office cost, improve financial accuracy down to the penny, and maximize your operational margin.

Highly Configurable. Leverage unparalleled configurability of template-based and formula-driven contract rules and billing determinants to meet ongoing business needs.



  • Capture all contracts and charge types
  • Supports complex business logic with user-configurable formulas
  • Price fixations and un-fixations
  • Define/manage billing determinants

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