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Acinel d.o.o.

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Trzaska cesta 19A
1370 Logatec

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ACINEL founders are equipped with a significant amount of experience in the field of electrical power systems equipment. The transfer of our affluent knowledge and experience to aspiring engineers will lead us into continuous improvement and company growth. We desire to sustain high standards in workmanship and at the same time, maintain good, friendly and long-term relationship with our employees, as well as partners and clients. We are family-oriented. We seek to it that every employee is content, not just within the work premises, but in their respective homes as well. Through this, we give you an assurance of a professional delivery and good quality of our services and products. Our vision is to become one of the leading and most appreciated system integrators, ready for the challenges dictated by the world’s main producers and customer needs.

List of authorized area

Product Name Channel Type
Grid Automation & Communication Products - Modular Relays & Accessories System Integrator
Grid Automation & Communication Products - Protection and Control IEDs System Integrator
Grid Automation & Communication Products - MicroSCADA Pro System Integrator
Grid Automation & Communication Products - Remote Terminal Units System Integrator