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EconiQ™ Dead Tank Breaker 420 kV

Combining low carbon footprint, superior reliability and low life cycle costs

The EconiQ 420PM63-HA is the first eco-efficient Dead Tank Circuit Breaker at transmission voltage level. It combines a low carbon footprint, superior reliability and low life cycle costs.

EconiQ is Hitachi Energy’s eco-efficient portfolio with products, services, and solutions proven to deliver exceptional environmental performance.

Throughout its complete life cycle, the EconiQ 420PM63-HA Dead Tank Circuit Breaker significantly reduces CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) emissions compared to the existing SF6 solutions.

This product offers easy operation at high-performance ratings by using well-established gas circuit-breaker technology, which has been utilized for decades in transmission systems globally.

The eco-efficient Dead Tank Breaker (DTB) uses as a gas mixture of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2) and a specific fluoronitrile (C4-FN). The mixture essentially eliminates the CO2eq emissions of the insulating medium.


  • Line, transformer, reactor and capacitor switching
  • Point-on-wave switching
  • High seismic applications
  • High altitude applications

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • It’s the first eco-efficient Dead Tank Circuit Breaker at transmission voltage level
  • Comparable gas handling procedure to SF6 breakers, minimizing training effort and adaptation of service concepts
  • Tested according to IEEE and IEC standards with mechanical endurance class M2
  • Identical gas mixture across EconiQ GIS/DTB portfolio

Benefits of the eco-efficient technology

  • Reduction of total life cycle emissions
  • No risk of accidental leakage of SF6
  • Transparent environmental performance thanks to a detailed product life cycle assessment
EconiQ™ Live Tank Breaker – LTA

Brief performance data

EconiQ 420PM63-HA    
Rated voltage [kV] 362 420
Rated frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage (1 min) [kV] 555 610
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50 μs) [kV] 1300 1425
Rated switching impulse withstand voltage (250/2500 μs) [kV] 900 1050
Rated normal current [A] up to 5000
Rated short-time withstand current [kA] 63
Rated peak withstand current [kA] 171
Ambient temperature [°C] -30*) / +50

*) Below -30°C with tank heaters.
The data are not limiting values. Additional data on request.

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