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Engineered flexibility for secondary distribution

SDA500 cabinet

The RTU-based SDA500 Smart Control Cabinet provides the full bandwidth of secondary distribution system functionality in an off-the-shelf solution. It is a standardized, pre-engineered, and cost-effective automation system for secondary distribution substations.

We improve grid reliability and efficiency so that you can control the grid, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits at a glance


  • Agile, cost-effective, and future-proof solution for all levels of secondary distribution automation
  • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Pre-wired and fully tested cabinet

Levels of automation

The basic level of automation is monitoring. This enables the collection and communication of status information about various switching devices, and conveys general alarm indications in the substation to the distribution control center and/or the next-level substation automation system. Control functionality can be easily added to enable remote control of actuators in the network, such as circuit breakers, load break switches, on-load tap changers, etc.

The smart cabinet can be easily extended to reach the next highest automation level. This version enables the acquisition of analog measurements from the network, and can detect the passage of fault current. Analog measurements can include currents and voltages, active and reactive power, power quality analysis as well as environmental measurements of the substation (temperature, humidity).Various technology is available to acquire analog measurements that will depend on the sensors available in the network, such as conventional current and voltage transformers or digital sensors.

The most advanced smart control cabinet also includes protection functionality. With protection added, the system can trip the circuit breaker when a fault is detected, going one step beyond simple fault passage indication. Adding protection devices deeper into the network enables more rapid segregation of a faulty section, further improving system reliability*.

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