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Containerized and prefabricated substations

Customers requiring shorter overall delivery times and minimal on-site work have been the main drivers for Hitachi Energy’s development of pre-fabricated indoor substations. Smaller distribution substations are subdivided into container-sized modules, which can be manufactured, assembled and tested at the factory, allowing easy transport and fast installation and commissioning at site.

The pre-fabricated building shelters the equipment from environmental influences, thus increasing substation availability and reliability. Fences can be omitted, which simplifies permitting, while enhancing the substation’s aesthetic appearance.

The customized and compact solutions have a small footprint, and include ready-to-connect primary and secondary cabling with plug-type contacts. Applications range from small distribution systems to integration of renewable generation. Fast erection and dismantling also makes them easy to relocate and well-suited for usage as auxiliary substation during repair or maintenance of existing primary substations.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Factory-tested units can be installed and put into operation within days
  • Competent support from global service network spanning 100 countries
  • Proven, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Single-source responsibility with complete in-house system integration capabilities
  • Assurance of high quality, health, safety and environmental standards
  • Optimized solutions for high performance, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and low life-cycle cost
  • IEC 61850 control, protection and communication systems enabling local and remote control and monitoring
Containerized and prefabricated substations

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