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Live Tank Circuit Breaker LTB E 72.5 - 420 kV

World’s most versatile transmission breaker

LTB E is suitable for breaking currents up to 50 kA, fast interruption (2 cycles) for maximum power system stability. It is configurable for all applications and environments.

The installation and commissioning is fast and simple, and there is no need for site adjustments. It is proven in extreme locations including deserts, the tropics and cold climates - withstanding natural disasters from hurricanes to major earthquakes. 

LTB E is designed and type tested in accordance with international standards IEC, ANSI and others. Also, tested to national standards (GOST, DL, and DIN).

Hitachi Energy also provide the Disconnecting Circuit Breaker where the disconnecting function is integrated into the breaker.


  • High altitude applications
  • High seismic requirement applications
  • Line, transformer, reactor and capacitor switching
  • Switching of harmonic filters

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • High current switching capability from 0 up to 50 kA  
  • Industry leading technology
  • Lowest failure rate, one third of Cigré average according  report on high-voltage circuit breakers reliability, (Cigré group A3.06  October 2012)
  • Local and global Hitachi Energy industry and application support
  • Global service organization, local everywhere 

Brief performance data

LTB E    
Rated voltage kV 72.5 - 420 *
Rated power frequency Hz 50/60
Rated current A 4000
Short-circuit breaking current kA 0 - 50 
Break time cycles 2
Ambient temperatures  °C - 30 to + 40 
Operation type   Single- or three-pole operated
Type of insulator   Porcelain or composite

* Higher voltage levels are available upon request.

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