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Pioneer Solutions' SettlementTracker is an end-to-end, integrated settlement and accounting software package specifically geared toward complex energy contracts. It provides straight-through processing of meter data, billing management, settlement and automatic accounting entries.

Featuring business intelligence reporting, compliance management, full audit trails and more, SettlementTracker’s workflow automation allows for the seamless processing of transaction lifecycles across multiple departments. SettlementTracker speeds the time to invoice while minimizing operational risks using dynamic workflow controls. The system automates all processes from meter data and billing determinants management to settlement and shadow settlement with counterparties and ISO/RTO/Pipeline entities.

SettlementTracker is powered by the Financial and Regulatory Risk Management System (FARRMS), which provides a leading-edge integrated platform for mitigating financial and regulatory risks.


  • Capture all contracts and charge types
  • Supports complex business logic with user-configurable formulas
  • Price fixations and un-fixations
  • Define/manage billing determinants

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